"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects.

The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se."  

-- Charles Eames

Your Pad. In 3d Print.


at the ATB house in tucson

After a day of much needed rain the clouds broke just before sunset and produced this amazing rainbow.  Does it get any better?


new take on old subject

my newest NOTAN . . . 


small spaces

Small spaces present a unique design challenge.  How can you capitalize on cozy while still keeping things light and airy?  Here are links to some good takes on the subject.

33 Best Small Space Design Tips from Apartment Therapy

Tips from the Washington Post

From Elle

Good stuff from Sunset

from Freshome


great truth

I recently came across the following quote in my studies. It seems to me an indisputable truth all designers and architects should honor.

Every building deprives a portion of the earth of sun, wind and rain and probably plant and animal life as well. It must redeem this sacrifice by the healing quality of its architecture.

-Rudolf Steiner


under consideration

We are looking for an additional side chair for our loft - one that compliments the Eames Lounge but which has a more upright posture.  Under consideration is the Cherner Lounge.  Apartment Therapy blogged on the history of Cherner 3 years ago . . . very informative reading if you are interested.