Design Services

Tucson, Arizona

Why rock?  Why rust? Why retro?


Of course, I'm not the first designer to use rock in the Tucson landscape.  But I do specialize in using it to create natural and welcoming outdoor spaces.  Added bonus, I place rock borders to help harvest and distribute rainwater to nourish native and appropriate plant plant selections for the informal Tucson garden.


I'm hooked on rust . . . steel to be exact.  I love using steel to create design elements in the landscape.  From raised beds, privacy screens, and outdoor rooms . . . if it's made of steel I can concept and design it.


I've always loved mid-century modern but took my passion to a new level when we purchased the Kance Residence by Arthur T. Borwn in Tucson, AZ.  Using sources as diverse as Ebay to local thrift shops, I am always on the hunt for authentic mid century modern finds that can give your space an authentic 60's vibe . . . affordably. 



Anne Hunt