"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects.

The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se."  

-- Charles Eames

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one kings lane

Some people skoff at Facebook, wondering who has the time?  Well this discovery is exactly why Facebook can help you, not hinder.  My blog posts automatically feed to my Facebook Page so people who are into facebook see what I'm up to in the design world whenever they check in.  AND THEN they tell me about cool stuff such as One Kings Lane.  A friend Jill S. shared the link in response to my blog about Fab.  One King's Lane is a similar concept, different style of merchandise.  Check out these Josef Albers prints.  Cool thing about One Kings Lane is that you can sort on "what's still available." - that's important because everything goes fast at this dynamite site.


Fab is Fab is Fab

If you're lucky you've already heard about fab.com . . . a site that provides you with 2 benefits . . . first it's simply up-to-date eye candy for anyone interested in cool objects, period.  Second, if you want to buy some of these objects, the discounts are amazing.  It's a little like groupon (which, by the way is a must) for the design addict.  Check it out.  You'll immediately SEE what I mean.  

Let me share, though, that Fab  has an angle that requires a "free membership" . . . what they are trying to do is get members by having people invite friends . . . I suggest you go ahead and recommend this site to friends . . . it is really cool and the deals are unbelievable.


although I'm BLUE, I'm heading for red

I'm off to Tucson next week to work on the Arthur Brown house.  While there, I think a trip to RED in Phoenix is warranted!


patricia gray website - simple and stunning

I'm working on a website design for a design build group in Milwaukee.  So its been fun looking at designer sites from around the world for inspirations.  I've tagged many of course . . . and found Patricia Gray's website exceptional.  The magic of this website is, I believe, that it reflects her design philosophy . . . its a warm and personal site which allows her work to speak.  

Patricia blogs too.  And its there that I found this gem.  A do-it-yourself Grace Kelly Hermes bag.

click this image to go to the Patricia Gray blog to access a pattern for this bag!


Color Scheme Designer

There are many, many color wheels on the web.  This one by Peter Stanicek in the Czech Republic is by far one of the coolest I've found.  Take note of the tabs in the upper right of the site, especially COLORBLIND and COLOR SPACE.