"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects.

The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se."  

-- Charles Eames

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George Nelson Trivia

It makes complete sense to me that Nelson Design Office was behind this film poster.  Credit goes to designer Don Ervin, 1961.  Here's a very cool video from the Oklahoma Museum of Art that totally captures Nelson's vibe.


Milo Baughman

I am working on a 3dMOD for a client that involves creating virtual stagings of a new home - one in traditional and one more modern.  Hence, I'm into sofas, chairs and tables . . . creating google sketchup models of my own interpretations of some pretty cool and classic pieces. 

I've always liked the Shelter Sofa which of course led me to revisit Milo Baughman.  While I am not a fan of Crate and Barrel's Shelter reproduction, I sure love lots of his originals.  Here's his rosewood sofa. It's so cool it's hot.  Who would not want to get dressed up and sit on this sofa with a close friend, a great book, a martini?  And this 1971 Thayer Coggin ad sheet.  Too cool for words.  And inspirational.  What about a setup like this in the family room?  Don Draper himself would drool (to himself, of course).  


designer identified

A little research has turned up the designer for the Knoll Sling Chairs. They were designed in the 70's by Andrew Morrison and Bruce Hannah. In fact, here's a pic of a two-seater.  Turns out that the "big red sofa" my nephew Forrest has is a four-seater from the same line.  Small world.  Is taste in furniture genetic?  I'd love some blogger thoughts on that question.


mid century find

Two house guests spotted a great mid century modern booth a Copper Country Antiques in Tucson.  They took me down to shop and these two chairs called out "take me home!"  But at $450 I was a bit concerned that this was too much of an impulse buy.  I solved that by offering $300 and to my delight loaded them in the truck and brought them home.  They are, simply, lovely.


patricia gray website - simple and stunning

I'm working on a website design for a design build group in Milwaukee.  So its been fun looking at designer sites from around the world for inspirations.  I've tagged many of course . . . and found Patricia Gray's website exceptional.  The magic of this website is, I believe, that it reflects her design philosophy . . . its a warm and personal site which allows her work to speak.  

Patricia blogs too.  And its there that I found this gem.  A do-it-yourself Grace Kelly Hermes bag.

click this image to go to the Patricia Gray blog to access a pattern for this bag!