"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects.

The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se."  

-- Charles Eames


arthur t brown house, tucso

I've had several people ask about the floor plan for the Arthur T. Brown house in Tucson.  So, here it is. Additionally this is a good example of my CAD work . . .  I recreated this plan from the original drawings left behind by the previous owner.



great design by Greg Natale

I stumbled on this website today and found it very cool and inspirational.  Greg Natale works in Sydney, Australia . . .  and has a fabulous portfolio . . . those interested in a fusion of modern and traditional will drool at some of these interiors.



chill chair

I have a couple of club chairs from the 1930's that are incredibly comfortable . . . I'm working on a contemporary take on their shape . . . a new kind of club to chill in.


Need sculpture?

I just found these great end tables for a client . . . handsome and understated.  Even better, the artist's Evolution Stairway . . . mental note: remember Patrick Plourde if a project requires sculptural expertise.


Great Green Glossary

I'm looking for a "green" solution for the breakfast table top in Tucson and came across this Glossary, published on the Mirel Bioplastics by Telles site.  It's a handy reference  . . .