"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects.

The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se."  

-- Charles Eames


sputnik update

After all was said and done, this sputnik inspired sculpture set the stage for a great holiday party.  With 80 people circulating in our loft, the orbs began to rotate . . . making the disco balls of the 70's an also ran in comparison.


sputnik ornament


I've been looking for an inspiration to change up our holiday decor this year and finally landed on the sputnik . . . this little guy is going to multiply . . . and then morph into the mother ship . . .  I'm going back for more toothpicks and orbs . . . and am hoping I know when to stop . . .


need hardware?

shop here.  We've got this great leopard wood table top and I've been looking for legs!  These 3 don't quite cut it, but Mockett is the source for great, though pricey, hardware solutions for your designs.  Look for the wishbone . . . that may well do the trick.


whats this?

Wonder what this is?  It's the green material of the year. And, like last year, it's all about CONCRETE.  Check out this article.  Be sure to view the slide show for other innovative green materials.


George Nelson Trivia

It makes complete sense to me that Nelson Design Office was behind this film poster.  Credit goes to designer Don Ervin, 1961.  Here's a very cool video from the Oklahoma Museum of Art that totally captures Nelson's vibe.