"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects.

The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se."  

-- Charles Eames


la finca

A new project is on the horizon which we are are tentatively calling "la Finca . . ." It is situated on 3.5 acres in Tucson's Catalina Foothills . . . an amazing amount of acreage for the area. Later this week I will be announcing a blog page dedicated to this project.  Stay tuned. 


$12.37 sculpture

Inspired by way finding signs at Tucson's Desert Museum, I created this sculpture to greet guests at the Arthur T. Brown house . . . materials only $12.37.


desert appeal

I spent 9 days in Tucson recently, working on the Arthur T Brown House "curb appeal" project.  While we are removed from the road, the approach up the driveway is important.  Until now, our focus has been the interiors, pool and expansive patios . . . but with a little sweat, lots of help, and 5 tons of rock we are now looking like a rustic desert park (or so said a guest at our celebratory cookout).


ATB tucson update

Updated photos from the Arthur T Brown House by Anne Hunt Design.  Tucson AZ.


positive negative space - a study

Work in progress.  I'm working on this painting for our loft.  I like the amorphous shapes and the implied tabula rasa.  I call this painting "birth" . . . though I wonder is a life ever really a blank slate?