"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects.

The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se."  

-- Charles Eames


rado young talent design award 2010

Phenomena Room Divider by San Hoon Kim



You have to love this room divider designed by Sang Hoon Kim, winner of the 2010 Rado Young Talent Design Award.  Yes, it looks like it is taking flight and in some ways it is.  Because of its curvature, it catches light from all directions creating the sense that it is moving all the time . . . proving once again that good design can make an everyday item full of form without sacrificing function.  Our best wishes to the designer.  Let's hope your career takes flight on the wings of this award.  Kudos.



Gotta read it

I've just started reading Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd by Youngme Moon.  Here's a recent review that pretty much nails the book on the head.  What I love about the book it that it's correct.  Moon's storyline is flawless by my estimation.  True, it reinforces my design sensibility.  People often try so hard to be different, they "read" as being virtually the same.  Design is the same way.  As a designer, I look for the inspiration in a place that comes forth out of its being.  Inspiration cannot be imposed; it is released.  If this process is honored, I believe the result will be a design worth noting . . . one that turns the head because it is authentic, real.  Moon, would, I think, agree. 


Gotta Love It

Someday, maybe, I'll have an airstream like this.


Color Scheme Designer

There are many, many color wheels on the web.  This one by Peter Stanicek in the Czech Republic is by far one of the coolest I've found.  Take note of the tabs in the upper right of the site, especially COLORBLIND and COLOR SPACE. 


What I'm Reading

My first trip to NYC was in the 70's.  I was fortunate to see an exhibit of Rothko's work.  I've been hooked ever since.  Imagine my pleasure when a Rothko became an subject of discussion in Bert Cooper's office on Mad Men.  Interesting how much is revealed about the characters in this short from the series.

So, if you're interested in Rothko, in dialog about art, in Rothko's own voice, consider this book.  See review below. 

"Writings on Art brings Rothko's genius into full and more personal light."-Lance Esplund, New York Sun (Lance Esplund New York Sun )

Read this Yale University Press Review


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