"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects.

The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se."  

-- Charles Eames

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interior design perspective: milwaukee restaurants

Dining out is a design experience.  Food, service, interior design and price are all factors that contribute to the overall experience.  Take Tai-namite on Brady Street in Milwaukee.  The food is A+, period.  I've been waiting for a restaurant with this quality Asian fusion cuisine.  I go for the fresh spring rolls and crunchy sushi but really, every dish is phenomenal.  On service, it's friendly but a bit distant . . . a little more interaction would be nice. This is by no means a negative, just an interesting point.  I'd be interested to see if you agree.  

Now, interior design.  The space is cool and hip.  I like what they have done with the space planning (overall arrangement of seating, sushi bar, etc).  It's a fun place to be and comfortable.  An appropriate urban vibe is created by the hard surfaces --- if you are looking for quiet and cozy, this is not the place.  Yet, it's not loud and clanky either . . . a nice balance.  The colors are nice . . . they've chosen an interesting pastel palette of blues, greens and yellows -- with a great stronger yellow-green wall towards the service area.  Did they nail the colors?  Not quite.  They were close, but I'd tweak the yellow/mellon color a bit.  Lighting?  Needs work . . . things are a bit bright and sterile -- a small problem but one I would address.

A word on their LOGO --- great logo Thai-namite . . . I love it.

Price?  Perfect.  Great food for more than reasonable prices.  This is a restaurant I've returned to often.  It's great to feel hip and urban in Milwaukee while enjoying excellent Asian Fusion food.



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